Where Crows Land

Fall 2020


Crime Fiction Author 
Paul McCracken

Layla's Song

Paul's debut novel Layla's Song is available now on Amazon Ebook Kindle store and as a paperback book.
The action-packed, crime thriller is set in Belfast and Dublin. Described as fast paced and gripping, Layla's Song delves into the criminal underworld and the lengths a father will go to save his daughter.

You can find his book on Amazon and on the Kindle store.


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Layla's Song

Michael’s worst fears are realized when his criminal past catches up to him. His daughter is kidnapped by his old gang, who are intent on getting back what Michael owes to them.With the help of his estranged brother, Carl. They must find a way of coming up with the ransom within five days.Michael’s journey will take him the whole way from Belfast to Dublin.


Northern Irish Author
Paul McCracken

Uk and Ireland's newest Crime fiction author Paul McCracken looks to 2020 as a big year after recently completing his first draft of his new novel, Where Crows Land.

His debut novel, Layla's Song set the standard for what Paul has to offer as an up-and-coming talent. With numerous reviews complimenting his style, Paul wants to offer original stories with gripping detail, action and mystery.

With so many books flooding the market, Paul hopes to set his work apart with his own style and his no filler approach to storytelling.

"Since my first novel, I’ve written prolifically and I am constantly exploring new themes and ideas. It’s incredibly hard work, but I’m never happier than when I am putting the opening words to a new story."

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