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Since the Lock down in the UK began, I saw an opportunity to work on my books. The main focus has gone into editing my latest book, Where Crows Land. A crime thriller set in Belfast (and the surrounding areas), Northern Ireland.

In-between editing, I have given a lot of thought as to what will be next. This in turn has prompted me to look at the possibility of sequels and what I could achieve with a sequel or a series of books.

I have looked at other authors and how a lot of mainstream/big name authors have made it big with a series following one character.

The main two that stuck were Jack Reacher by Lee Child and Alex Cross by James Patterson.

I Started writing a new story after coming up with the title alone. This is the only ever time I have drawn a story up from a title. I usually figure out the title early in the process but never at the very start.

This story will be a direct sequel of one of my books, making it book 2. But for now, I am keeping the identity of which book close to my chest.

I have always been very hesitant about sequels as once a story is finished, I don't like leaving loose ends or "sequel baiting" a term and idea I adapted from my years screenwriting.

My other fear was becoming a "one trick pony". I wanted to be able to write more than just one good story or character, I wanted to create many.

When Where Crows Land comes out later this year, It will be my third book I have written but the second to be published, with the other to follow not far behind. That means at the end of 2020, I will have three published books.

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